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Quilt 013 – Charlee

My first quilt of 2016 is DONE! (I finished it a couple weeks ago, but I had to wait for them to get it!) I know, I know, another HST quilt, but what can I say… I LOVE them. Simple beauty. A K-State Alumni baby is on the way, and I knew that purple was… Continue reading Quilt 013 – Charlee

My Quilts

Quilt 000 – The Beginning

As I was digging around looking for something, I came across my actual first quilt, actually there were two. I made them when I was about 9 or 10. I realize Quilt 001 says that it is my first quilt, but that is only partially true. It was my first quilt to make in 20… Continue reading Quilt 000 – The Beginning

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Quilt 012 – Dalton

After working on Quilt 011, I needed a quilt that was a little easier to piece together. I really loved the herringbone design I did on Quilt 002. It is so flexible for boys or girls. My nephew LOVES orange. This is one quilt that didn’t need a pop of orange because it IS orange!… Continue reading Quilt 012 – Dalton

My Quilts

Quilt 011 – Aubrey

It has been a while since I have posted! Mostly just because I couldn’t really post the next two quilts since they are Christmas presents for my niece and nephew. It took a long time to find a design I really liked for Aubrey’s quilt. I knew she wanted pink. She loves pink. I found… Continue reading Quilt 011 – Aubrey

Misc Quilting Posts

Quilting with dogs…

Hi, were you working on something instead of playing with me? Hey! Take my picture too! Oh perfect! The rug was a little rough on my feet. Oh! Were you trying to piece this together? Here you can take my picture too! Hi Mommy, I love you! Hey, did you forget about me? Clearly, Colt… Continue reading Quilting with dogs…

My Quilts

Quilt 009 & 010 – Raylan

My sister is having her first baby so it gave me another reason to quilt some more! I found this inspiration quilt on Pinterest. I immediately went to and started finding different plaids. It took some time but I eventually decided I liked a blue/green color scheme with a pop of orange. I mean… Continue reading Quilt 009 & 010 – Raylan

My Quilts

Quilt 008 – Quilts for Kids

I heard about Quilts for Kids and thought this was a perfect way to utilize my quilting skills after I ran out of babies to make quilts for at the moment. They send you the fabric and pattern, and you just sew it all together! I got my fabric in the mail, and started getting it put… Continue reading Quilt 008 – Quilts for Kids