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Quilting Notions

Do you have quilting notions you love or just can’t live without? I know I do! These are my favorites.

Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 2

Over Christmas break I was so excited my mother-in-law, Brenda, broke out some of her family quilts. They are beautiful, and I am excited to show them to you!  Granny Hallum is Clayton’s mom, Clayton & Mary (pictured) are Brenda’s parents, and Brenda is my husband’s stepmom. Granny Hallum made several of the quilts I will… Continue reading Vintage Quilt Series – Part 2

My Unfinished Quilts

Unfinished Projects

I have been busy the past few weeks getting some quilt tops done that I have had laying around. These two quilt tops are the remaining charm squares left over from Quilt 013. They have identical squares, just arranged differently! Both quilts are set on point; this is my first time doing anything on point!… Continue reading Unfinished Projects

My Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 1

I am going to start a new series on old quilts within my family or my husband’s family. There are some beautiful quilts, and I want to share them with you all! To kick this off: Quilt Bears My mom’s side of the family has a few quilts, but many of them were in various states… Continue reading Vintage Quilt Series – Part 1

My Quilts

Quilt 013 – Charlee

My first quilt of 2016 is DONE! (I finished it a couple weeks ago, but I had to wait for them to get it!) I know, I know, another HST quilt, but what can I say… I LOVE them. Simple beauty. A K-State Alumni baby is on the way, and I knew that purple was… Continue reading Quilt 013 – Charlee

My Quilts

Quilt 000 – The Beginning

As I was digging around looking for something, I came across my actual first quilt, actually there were two. I made them when I was about 9 or 10. I realize Quilt 001 says that it is my first quilt, but that is only partially true. It was my first quilt to make in 20… Continue reading Quilt 000 – The Beginning

My Quilts

Quilt 012 – Dalton

After working on Quilt 011, I needed a quilt that was a little easier to piece together. I really loved the herringbone design I did on Quilt 002. It is so flexible for boys or girls. My nephew LOVES orange. This is one quilt that didn’t need a pop of orange because it IS orange!… Continue reading Quilt 012 – Dalton