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Vintage Quilt Refurb

Vintage apple core feed sack material hand piecing

My Quilts

Quilt 022 – Baby Neva

My sister found out she was having a little girl so I started looking for inspiration. So much of quilting for me is having inspirations. Without it, I find it is so hard to get through it, or even finish it. It becomes a chore instead of a hobby I enjoy. My sister  doesn’t like… Continue reading Quilt 022 – Baby Neva

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Quilt 019 – Patriotic Swoon Quilt

Long time, no blog post! It has been a crazy busy past two years, filled with some of the best times, and unfortunately also some of the hardest times. My quilting fell to the back burner, but I still made small progress here and there. My next posts are going to jump around on the… Continue reading Quilt 019 – Patriotic Swoon Quilt

Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 7

Apple Core Quilt – maker unknown This quilt is a true treasure. While we don’t know who actually made it, we know it was someone in Brenda’s family. This quilt is depression era quilting at its finest. They cut every piece of clothing they had to make this quilt.  Many of the pieces have seams… Continue reading Vintage Quilt Series – Part 7

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Vintage Quilt Series – Part 6

I had to save one for last, and I chose this one! I think this is the oldest one out of all her quilts, and it is completey hand pieced and hand quilted! I love hexagon quilts, and they take so much time to do. This pattern is a variation of grandmothers garden. All of… Continue reading Vintage Quilt Series – Part 6


I am now on Ello

If you have an iPhone, you can now follow me on Ello! If you have an android phone, then you have to go to the Ello website to view it. With the changes on instagram coming up, not sure how it will pan out, so I am using other venues to view all my crafty friends… Continue reading I am now on Ello

Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 5

Since I had such a long delay in posts, I am treating you to a second post this week! I am excited about this quilt. It is the first quilt that is not “scrappy” in that it has a set fabric for the pattern. It appears that either she had large amounts of the same… Continue reading Vintage Quilt Series – Part 5