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Vintage Quilt Refurb

Vintage apple core feed sack material hand piecing

My Quilts

Quilt 022 – Baby Neva

My sister found out she was having a little girl so I started looking for inspiration. So much of quilting for me is having inspirations. Without it, I find it is so hard to get through it, or even finish it. It becomes a chore instead of a hobby I enjoy. My sisterĀ  doesn’t like… Continue reading Quilt 022 – Baby Neva

My Quilts

Quilt 019 – Patriotic Swoon Quilt

Long time, no blog post! It has been a crazy busy past two years, filled with some of the best times, and unfortunately also some of the hardest times. My quilting fell to the back burner, but I still made small progress here and there. My next posts are going to jump around on the… Continue reading Quilt 019 – Patriotic Swoon Quilt