Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 7

Apple Core Quilt – maker unknown

IMG_20151226_083911804 (1)

This quilt is a true treasure. While we don’t know who actually made it, we know it was someone in Brenda’s family. This quilt is depression era quilting at its finest. They cut every piece of clothing they had to make this quilt.  Many of the pieces have seams right through the middle. Nothing went to waste!

There are a lot of really neat 1930’s prints in this quilt.

This quilt was 100% hand pieced and hand quilted. The hand quilting is beautiful. Very consistent stitches, all 1/4″ from the seams. Those of you that have not sewn curves, these are tricky to sew. This quilt had to take some time to complete.

IMG_20151226_082133490 (1)

I took some closeups of different sections just so you can admire the fabrics!

IMG_20151226_081924348 (1)IMG_20151226_081915615 (1)IMG_20151226_081903530 (1)

The ONLY thing about this quilt that is really sad, is the binding! I am not sure if this quilt was never finished, or if the binding came undone and so it needed rebound… but the binding was done very poorly. The person that made this quilt was a very meticulous person. There is no way she would have gone to such great lengths to do such beautiful hand stitching and then very carelessly machine sew down the bias tape.

IMG_20151227_075613671 (1)

1930’s fabrics are some of my favorite print fabrics, and this quilt offers a multitude of them to look at in a single quilt! This quilt also offers beautiful hand stitching to admire. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.50.46 PM


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