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Vintage Quilt Series – Part 6

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.52.58 PM

I had to save one for last, and I chose this one! I think this is the oldest one out of all her quilts, and it is completey hand pieced and hand quilted! I love hexagon quilts, and they take so much time to do. This pattern is a variation of grandmothers garden. All of her hexagons are sitting point to point instead of staggered. This allowed her to put the little diamond shapes in between the hexies. IMG_20151227_082622660 (1)

This quilt also has some of my favorite fabrics, micro florals. I am a complete sucker for micro floral prints!

She paired them all up with beautiful solids to match. I only wish I had this many micro print florals in my stash!

You can see her hand quilting in the pictures above. Her hand quilting and machine quilting styles are very similar.

IMG_20151227_075908856 (1)

Another interesting thing about this quilt vs the others, is she used batting and separate bias tape, both things she didn’t do in her later quilts. As you may recall from my previous posts, in the four later quilts she used a sheet as batting and her binding was always the back fabric folded over. I am sure the changes in her later quilts were because they were faster, cheaper, and easier methods, which is what life called for at the time.

IMG_20151227_075745481 (1)

All in all, I love this quilt, it is very soft from its years of use. The fabrics are some of my favorite kind of fabrics, and it is neat to see how her methods changed through the years! She has made a lot of quilts. I have only showed you 5 of many that are out there split up amongst other relatives.

The label you have seen at the top of each post is a label I have made on spoonflower. I will be sewing them on to the back of each of these quilts for the future generations to come. She definitely spent a lot of her time sewing, and many generations after her are able to be wrapped up in her hard work and love.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.50.46 PM

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