Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 5

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.56.52 PM

Since I had such a long delay in posts, I am treating you to a second post this week! I am excited about this quilt. It is the first quilt that is not “scrappy” in that it has a set fabric for the pattern. It appears that either she had large amounts of the same fabric leftover from sheets or something, or she bought this fabric intentionally for this quilt. This makes me wonder who was this quilt for and what was the occasion? To me, the fabric color combination is late 60’s.

IMG_20151227_082753671 (1)

I am assuming it is machine pieced, but there could be some hand piecing to it, the sashes are definitely machine pieced. It is machine quilted.

She used a sheet as batting and folded the back over for the the binding.

You can see the quilting design on the back , she outlined each diamond.

Just for fun, her pattern on the alternating stars was almost perfect, except the very top left start “should” have been a red & blue star. Hardly noticeable, and still looks great, makes it all the more unique in its own special way! Wonder if that was intentional… ?

Only one more quilt left to go by Granny Hallum!

IMG_20151227_081905349 (1)

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.50.46 PM



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