Vintage Family Quilts

Vintage Quilt Series – Part 4

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Sorry for the long delay between postings! Things have been a little busy at work the past few weeks.

Here is another beautiful quilt made by Granny Hallum. It is a classic block, that she made a little special by making the start points all scrappy strips! This block is a classic Priscilla block, which appears in the original 1898 Ladies Art Company Catalog in a simpler form (meaning they were originally solid triangles). I really enjoy getting to see how many colors all of her quilts are. Each one has such a different character to it just because she uses such a variety of scraps to make each and every one.

This quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted.

She used a sheet as batting, and folded over the back for the binding. She had a pretty consistent style in how she made her quilts, which really helps us to identify which ones she made vs some of the other quilts.

Scrappy quilts are fun because you can see so many different styles of fabric in a single quilt. Sometimes it can really help you figure out when the quilt was made, and sometimes, as in this quilt, it allows you to see decades worth of material all at once.

Hope you enjoyed it! We have a couple more from her to go through.

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