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Quilt 000 – The Beginning

As I was digging around looking for something, I came across my actual first quilt, actually there were two. I made them when I was about 9 or 10. I realize Quilt 001 says that it is my first quilt, but that is only partially true. It was my first quilt to make in 20 years.

After sewing on the lines of notebook paper, I got to move up to sewing little charm pack squares together. The result, two little mini quilts I made for my American Girl Doll, and the only thing that looked more unfortunate than the quilts… me! What can I say, those are some awkward years. I was so proud of the quilts though.  It all started with this machine, and it is the machine I still use.

IMG_20160124_083502640 (1)

I am not sure which one I actually completed first, but I will start with this one. It is 20 Charm squares sewn together with various seam allowances. As you can tell the points don’t exactly line up, and in some places, the fabrics aren’t even sewn together. In the end, it was squared up. The back was attached and then it was flipped inside out to prevent the need for bias tape. There is no quilting to tie the front to the back. Not too bad.

After that Quilt I got to move on up to a “mini quilt” with actual batting, bias tape, appliqué, and machine & hand quilting!

Here it is in all its glory!

First things first, at least the squares are all lined up! Second, I have to say, the appliqué is not too shabby for someone who couldn’t even sew a straight quilting line.  It appears that I did a little bit of hand quilting on there, but then switched back to the machine. I don’t remember if that was because my hand quilting was bad, or if mom was just teaching me both methods. I got about 1.5 stitches per inch. The bias tape is a little rough, but I struggled with it on my first couple quilts as an adult too, so I will give my 9-year-old self some slack on that!

I know my American Girl Doll got some use out of them over the years. I hope you enjoyed seeing where it all began! Just think, if I can go from this to where I am now, there is hope for you yet!

Thanks mom for the patience to teach me to sew!

IMG_20160124_090514383 (1)IMG_20160124_090800137 (1)



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