My Quilts

Quilt 012 – Dalton

After working on Quilt 011, I needed a quilt that was a little easier to piece together. I really loved the herringbone design I did on Quilt 002. It is so flexible for boys or girls. My nephew LOVES orange. This is one quilt that didn’t need a pop of orange because it IS orange! I used a solid grey linen for the accent on this quilt.



The back on this quilt is a pieced back with orange minky, orange fleece, and white fleece. The minky behaved much better this time because I used every pin I owned to hold it in place. I spray basted the layers together for quilting and that also helped a lot to keep it in place.

For the binding, I decided to try a new method I saw on Missouri Star Quilt tutorials. The hardest part of this binding is joining the two ends. This method is all over easier than the other methods for machine binding. I won’t say it is perfect, but it was much better than others. It also really helped accent the grey chevron in the quilt.



I am so pleased with the overall look of this quilt. It is one of my favorite colors, and it turned out really soft and cuddly with the backing I used.

For gifting, I chose to use functional wrapping and place it in this orange storage basket.



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