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Quilt 009 & 010 – Raylan

My sister is having her first baby so it gave me another reason to quilt some more! I found this inspiration quilt on Pinterest. I immediately went to and started finding different plaids. It took some time but I eventually decided I liked a blue/green color scheme with a pop of orange. I mean really, who doesn’t love a pop of orange?! The backing fabric was perfect. It is a grey plaid flannel with woodland creature outlines. Perfect for my sister who has a woodland animal theme going. It wouldn’t be a blanket for my sister if it didn’t have an animal on it somewhere.


This is probably the easiest pieced quilt I have done so far. I decided to keep the quilting to a minimum to give it maximum soft & cuddle factor. I used a wool batting to give it a little loft, and extra warmth.

IMG_20150801_140721522 IMG_20150801_142013572 IMG_20150802_101426146 IMG_20150802_101744778DSC02980

I had plenty of fabric left over so I decided to add in a quick little carseat/stroller blanket for little Raylan. These were a few ideas I tossed around…

quilt sample

I saw this inspiration quilt, and thought it would be perfect. I love taking a traditional block and putting a modern twist on it. I left off a couple rows of “logs” to keep it small, which turned out perfect because I only had 7 fabrics anyway.


I threw an orange minky back on this quilt… that was a bad idea, turns out my minky is the spawn of satan! I have never sewn with minky before, and it proved to be my arch nemesis. It didn’t want to do anything I told it to do. It is so stretchy it distorts very easily. My seam ripper became permanently attached to my fingers. It also proved to be an issue when trying to attach the bias tape. There are no back pictures of this little quilt… because I am pretty sure in the distortion, you just see satan’s face.


Here are the pictures of the two quilts together. Hopefully, Raylan can get some good use out of them.

DSC02986 DSC02988


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