My Quilts

Quilt 008 – Quilts for Kids

I heard about Quilts for Kids and thought this was a perfect way to utilize my quilting skills after I ran out of babies to make quilts for at the moment. They send you the fabric and pattern, and you just sew it all together! I got my fabric in the mail, and started getting it put together. You do need to provide your own batting and thread. This fabric is bold and very busy. I would have never selected it myself, but I think it is perfect for kids so I am glad I wasn’t in charge of picking it out.


They recommend doing an all over diagonal line, but on the 4 squares, I decided to do something a little different. The solid squares do have diagonal lines through them.

IMG_20150310_192033199 IMG_20150310_191222291

I used my own fabric for the bias tape. I had these fat quarters that went with the fabric perfectly.

IMG_20150404_200810 IMG_20150404_200605 IMG_20150310_192538014


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