My Quilts

Quilt 007

I saw this quilt on Pinterest, and immediately liked that it was a “cleaner” version of the rag quilts. It is very simple. You cut out three sizes of squares (9, 6, & 3 inches). The hardest part was laying it out and evenly distributing the colors. Sheets at target were on clearance, so I grabbed a couple for this quilt.

IMG_20150211_092605821_HDR IMG_20150225_105303751_HDR

You sew the 6 inch on top of the 9 inch, and then you sew the 3 inch in the middle of the 6 inch. I just placed them on there, they are not all perfectly square and centered, but it adds to the quilt.


I finished it off with this flannel sheet from target, and for the binding I used the teal and purple fabrics.

IMG_20150303_204602092_HDR IMG_20150303_204823313


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