My Quilts

Quilt 005 – TBD & 006 – Jude

I made the mistake and went to the fabric store down the road to just “browse”. Well I found a jelly roll I just completely fell in love with. I am a solid fabric kind of gal, but this camping fabric was just too perfect. These two quilts were created using Moda Jelly Rolls (S’more Love & a Bella solids roll). I have enough to make a 3rd quilt, but just haven’t got around to it yet. I didn’t really want to do a jelly roll race quilt, so I went searching for a pattern I liked. I stumbled across the Breezy pattern by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew. I bought her book of simple patterns here on Amazon.

It took forever for me to decide the order I wanted the strips to be in the quilts.


Number 005 is a great gender neutral quilt, those are always a great thing to have on hand. I look froward to giving both of these quilts away.


IMG_20150303_181847288_HDR IMG_20150303_182100014

I am just going to leave these beautiful corners here…

IMG_20150303_182217393_HDR IMG_20150303_182233911_HDR

I really love the blue/green colors on number 006! I can’t wait to find it a forever home. It will be perfect for when that right little boy comes along.

UPDATE 10/2015: I was able to find the perfect little boy for this quilt to go to! He has two older sisters so he needed a little boy blanket of his own. 🙂 I hope he gets to enjoy it for years to come. Happy 1st Birthday Jude!

IMG_20150303_155127506 IMG_20150303_155516198


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