My Quilts

Quilt 001 – Gwenyth – My FIRST Quilt!

I have wanted to quilt for a long time. My mother taught me to sew when I was around 10. A couple years ago, my mother gave me a sewing machine for christmas. It was a Pfaff 1473 just like I used to sew on when I was younger. The first thing I created was a little shirt for my dog. After that I decided it was time to venture into quilting. I have always loved quilts. Just so much love and time wrapped up in a little bundle of fabric. I found these inspirational quilts from Pinterest (HereHere, and Here).  I loved the simplicity and look of the quilt. I decided to head to the store, purchase some sheets, and do one of my own.

I grabbed a teal sheet set, a pink flannel sheet set, and found this really cute fat quarter of flower material at Joann’s. I love handmade bias tape, I think it can make or break the whole quilt. In this case, the quilt just wouldn’t be the same without this bias tape. That is how I came to the decision to have “Bias” in my name.


I basted the quilt using the spray adhesive, quick and easy on the hands! Then I bought some thread to match the binding in several different colors. I went to work making diagonal lines all the way down the quilt with the different color threads. They aren’t pretty, but this quilt hides imperfections well. I was still learning how to handle such a large item in the sewing machine. I was working on the timing, speed, and stitch length, so they have quite the variety. Eventually, I got the kinks worked out and some of the lines turned out really well!


I loved how it turned out. This is my favorite go-to for quick baby gifts, and it is perfect as something to lay on the ground for kids learning to crawl.

DSC00150 DSC00151 DSC00155   IMG_20150118_142412 IMG_20150118_142549


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