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Quilting with dogs…

Hi, were you working on something instead of playing with me? Hey! Take my picture too! Oh perfect! The rug was a little rough on my feet. Oh! Were you trying to piece this together? Here you can take my picture too! Hi Mommy, I love you! Hey, did you forget about me? Clearly, Colt… Continue reading Quilting with dogs…

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Quilt 009 & 010 – Raylan

My sister is having her first baby so it gave me another reason to quilt some more! I found this inspiration quilt on Pinterest. I immediately went to fabric.com and started finding different plaids. It took some time but I eventually decided I liked a blue/green color scheme with a pop of orange. I mean… Continue reading Quilt 009 & 010 – Raylan

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Quilt 008 – Quilts for Kids

I heard about Quilts for Kids and thought this was a perfect way to utilize my quilting skills after I ran out of babies to make quilts for at the moment. They send you the fabric and pattern, and you just sew it all together! I got my fabric in the mail, and started getting it put… Continue reading Quilt 008 – Quilts for Kids

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Quilt 007

I saw this quilt on Pinterest, and immediately liked that it was a “cleaner” version of the rag quilts. It is very simple. You cut out three sizes of squares (9, 6, & 3 inches). The hardest part was laying it out and evenly distributing the colors. Sheets at target were on clearance, so I grabbed a… Continue reading Quilt 007

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Quilt 005 – TBD & 006 – Jude

I made the mistake and went to the fabric store down the road to just “browse”. Well I found a jelly roll I just completely fell in love with. I am a solid fabric kind of gal, but this camping fabric was just too perfect. These two quilts were created using Moda Jelly Rolls (S’more… Continue reading Quilt 005 – TBD & 006 – Jude

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Quilt 004 – Arya

This quilt is a copycat of quilt 001. I found these inspirational quilts from Pinterest (Here, Here, and Here). I used the same pink flannel, but used a Kona solid green fabric on the front. It went beautifully with the pink/orange flower fabric I found on fabric.com.    

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Quilt 003 – Amante

I enjoyed making the previous HSQ quilt so much, I decided to make another one. This time it was for my friend’s son’s little boy. I used the same teal sheet from my first quilt, and mixed in some green fabric. I found the white fabric fat quarters from Joann’s. They had white-on-white design to… Continue reading Quilt 003 – Amante

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Quilt 002 – Piper

My cousin was having her first baby, so it was a perfect opportunity to get started on my second quit. I started seeing several of these herringbone quilts on Pinterest (Here and Here). I loved the simple clean look of the quilt, but with a little twist in pattern. I decided this would make the perfect quilt… Continue reading Quilt 002 – Piper

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Quilt 001 – Gwenyth – My FIRST Quilt!

I have wanted to quilt for a long time. My mother taught me to sew when I was around 10. A couple years ago, my mother gave me a sewing machine for christmas. It was a Pfaff 1473 just like I used to sew on when I was younger. The first thing I created was a… Continue reading Quilt 001 – Gwenyth – My FIRST Quilt!